Meet our advisors

We have assembled a first-class group of advisors to help guide our strategy

Gaurav Kukreja

Senior vice president, Amstar / MBA Chicago Booth school of Business

Gaurav is a member of Amstar’s investment committee and is responsible for capital raising, compliance and Amstar’s hospitality investments.

He also has over six years of hotel operations experience. He advises Sojourner on fund raising, capital markets and the setting up of its FP&A reporting systems

Marc Diaz

Senior Vice President, Terraviva / MBA Harvard Business School

Marc spent a decade as an impact investing field leader where he launched and led NatureVest, the impact investing platform of The Nature Conservancy, and the UNICEF Bridge Fund.

He advises Sojourner in matters related to ESG, fundraising and strategy.

Les Williams

Co-Founder & COO At The Risk Cooperative / MBA Harvard Business School

Les is a Certified Risk Manager CRM of Risk Cooperative.

He is a featured “Risk Insider”, and his monthly columns appear in the publication Risk & Insurance. He advises Sojourner in matters related to sales and strategy.

Irina Zavina-Tare

Hospitality & Real Estate Consultant / MBA Harvard Business School

Irina has extensive advisory experience for companies in the hospitality and real estate industries.

She was previously Cofounder of Arcadian Mountain Holdings, SVP for the Gansevoort Hotel Group and worked in Asset Management for Credit Suisse. She advises Sojourner in matters related to investments, asset management and strategy.

James Gancos

Founder & CEO, The Guestbook / MBA Harvard Business School

James is the founder of The Guestbook which partners with independent and boutique brand hotels to increase net revenue and drive direct bookings through the power of cash back rewards.

He advises Sojourner in matters related to operations, technology, food & beverage and strategy.

Craig Robinson

Chief Growth Officer @ Industrious

Craig built and led Powered by We, a hyper-growth business unit at WeWork providing technology, development, and management services to real estate owners and tenants.

He advises Sojourner in matters related to operations, technology and strategy.

Josh Keller

Managing Partner & CEO @ Blue Canyon Hospitality / MBA Harvard Business School

Josh has extensive experience in hotels, restaurants, spas, and management consulting at the Boston Consulting Group.

He co-founded two venture-backed start-ups, one software/Internet and the other consumer packaged goods. He advises Sojourner in matters related to operations, investments, culture and strategy.

Patrick Bosworth

Cofounder @ Cherish Ventures

Patrick is the founder, chairman and CEO of Duetto, which is a hotel revenue management software company.

He was an executive at Wynn Resorts and served in the administration of US President George W Bush. He advises Sojourner in matters related to pricing, technology, strategy and on the hospitality industry.

Josh Wyatt

Fotografiska/Neuehouse/Cultureworks / Mba Harvard Business School

Josh is a highly engaged and driven entrepreneur, organizational leader and investor in hospitality, leisure, and real estate asset classes, currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Neue House.

He previously served as President of Equinox Hotels, and Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Generator Hostels. He advises Sojourner in matters related to operations, technology, food & beverage and strategy.